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How To Take Care of Gemstone Jewelry in the Best Way?

Gemstone is a unique form of jewelry that fits into your lifestyle. The stones in their jewelry come in various shapes, sizes and colors, but their jewelry should be taken care of just like any other item of jewelry.

Why are gemstones old or faded?

Gemstones work and interact with the body in a way that their energy works on the wearer to reward him/her with various benefits. The Gemstone is a variety of gems that are used or worn as ornament or decoration. Additionally, they also deepen your connection to nature in an enduring way. Different gemstones focus their energy on the wearer in multiple ways.

On the other hand, synthetic gemstones do not go through this process of travelling and changing hands. Thereby, they remain pristine and new and thereby retain their shine for a longer duration. Moreover, synthetic gemstones are worth resembling the ones found in nature which gives them an advantage over the natural stone counterparts when it comes to clarity, likeness and look.

Ways to take care of gemstone jewelry?

Larimar Gemstone jewelry differs in price and quality depending on the species of stones as well as the manufacturer. The nature, origin, color and material also determine their cost. However, there are some general care practices that can be done by anyone who owns gemstone jewelry to preserve them in the best condition possible and minimize breakage while making the jewelry last longer.

1. Soap Cleaning: Immerse the gemstone in a bowl of warm water that contains a few drops of liquid dish soap. Use an old toothbrush to gently rub away dirt and grime.

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning diamonds and other precious gemstones, you really don't want to use a lot of chemicals. Though some people might think they're necessary to remove the grime, soap is sometimes all that's necessary - plus it's a lot safer.

2. Running Water: There are many gemstones and crystals in the world that can bestow upon you some incredible benefits. No matter what stone or crystal you hold, you can effectively clean your astrological original gemstone by simply holding it under running water.

Imagine yourself asking the universe to clear it off with all the impurities. Keep it as long as you wish and then clean it once again. Your gemstone is now cleansed, renewed, and energetic again!

3. Sea Salt: Reprogramming of a gemstone is mainly done on its energy level, enabling it to increase the sharpness of its energy vibration. Additionally, other factors like sound, color, and concentration can also be reprogrammed in a gemstone. To reprogram your old gemstone, you can use sea salt and water as a cleaning agent. But do remember to avoid using salt water if your gemstone is brittle or with a lot of holes or ridges. It can damage the stone to make it ineffective.

4. Energy: Now that you have chosen the stones for the remedies and their purpose, it is time to decide where you should put them around your home or workplace. Since moonstone gemstones are energy conductors, they should be kept near the area of concern.

You can either place them on a window sill or outside in a balcony on a full moon light to impart some refreshing lunar energy into your gemstones. You can also bathe your neelam or pukhraj in the moon water (water left outside to charge under the energy of the full moon) to rid your stone of unwanted energy.

5. ‘Visualize’ Cleansing: Purifying your stones can be done in many ways. Many people use a common salt method to remove the negative energies from the gemstones. Others even sprinkle it with holy water or bury it under the moonlight to cleanse with positive vibrations.

Gemstones are the precious and rare pieces of stones which are usually cut and polished. These stones have been used since ancient times and became treasured accessories because of their high resistance to scratches and provided toughness.

Gems ensured natural shine and sparkle to the jewelry pieces. However, you need not worry about the durability of your gemstones; these stones are not indestructible. To treat your gemstones and preserve their beauty, you have to take care of them properly.


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